Another method is to create a script that checks

The URL format when a page is requested, and if the URL is in an incorrect format, forwards a 301 to the correct URL, and implement it at the site level. . . . He gave me more technical advice than Shari. Well, I see, there are some things. Surprisingly, I haven’t done it. . . Or rather, I feel like it’s really necessary to go that far. — Q&A at the end. Q: Isn’t the Phantom Master’s method dangerous? What should I do if the index is deleted? A: (Phant Master) There doesn’t have to be one site. All you need to do is create 100 sites. . . . As expected from Phantom Master. At this point, the moderator asked, “Wouldn’t it be better to create one high-quality site?” Phantom Master’s answer: I’m not just talking about black hats.

Depending on how you use this method

You can efficiently build a site without it being judged as duplicate content. . . . was. Next question on top of the current question. Q: Won’t creating multiple sites end up being uae phone number inefficient? A: (Phant Master) 100 may be an exaggeration, but it all depends on how you do it. . . . That’s true though. Q: When an overseas branch office creates a website in another language, they want to use the English content from the head office for content other than company information.Will this be considered duplicate content? A: (Svendsen) In conclusion, don’t let them use it as is. They’re just trying to easily repurpose the content and hoping for traffic from Google. Either way, both pages will not appear in search results. You should create original content.

I didn’t mention it above, but in the middle of the

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Q&A, Shari said, “I want you to stop thinking that I am a white hat and Phant Master is a black hat because of today’s content.Phant Master is a very smart person.I respect him very Ghana Whatsapp Number List much.” I also sometimes use cloaking depending on the situation,” which left an impression on me. Phantom Master replied, “I don’t mind being called a black hat though.” lol I didn’t really get anything from the content, but as a veteran of the SEO industry, I enjoyed the panelists’ talks.First up is Neil Mason. at first “The Purchase Path” Introducing the concept of I have a trademark. It is important to examine the purchasing path, identify problems, and improve them. Psychologically speaking, the purchasing path involves four processes before the final purchase. Interest ↓ Search ↓ Consideration ↓ Purchase decision ↓ Purchase There are many different types of transitions on the internet.

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