Attention to detail also reduced form drop-off

You should use a persona model to consider how users view the page in multiple ways. Some people pay attention to information on new arrivals and bestsellers, others place more emphasis on reviews, and others care about genre. In some cases, simply changing the main image of the page based on the persona model significantly increased conversions. It’s not important to test variations. You should consider personas and test their impact and influence on users. Amazon is doing just that. To give you an easy-to-understand example, the conversion rate differs depending on the region depending on whether you use a British or American accent in your video message. . . . I agree with the point that it is not enough to simply test variations; it should be done after considering user attributes and behavioral patterns. 9. Social Commerce.

Reviews are extremely important

There are many types of texts, some long, some short, some poetic, some simple complaints, some one-word comments, but all are important. There are many cases where canada telephone number a single comment gets a lot of upvotes on Amazon. Reviews can also be searched, attracting new traffic. When posting reviews, make it possible to sort them. Conversions via pages sorted by rating are often nearly twice as high as normal. 10. Use reviews for promotion. Especially effective for email marketing. 11. Post reviews on your site to gain user trust. Return rates also tend to be lower. 12. Be proactive about feedback and research. offers feedback for $100. But usability isn’t everything. Who wants to hang out in a nightclub created by a usability professional? 13. It is important to make your message persuasive.

For example, tell them that you don’t have much

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In stock and that they should buy it now. 14.Convey your message until the end of the checkout form. Return guarantee and free shipping. I’ll tell you at length until you Morocco Phone Number List press the final purchase button.  rates by 15%. 15. When it comes to lead generation, it is important to be clear about when you will receive a response. The sooner the better. 16.It is better to easily view the contents of the shopping cart on the shopping page without having to go to the card page. Useless page transitions increase the probability of abandonment. 17. When it comes to email, not only the text but also the presentation is extremely important. The usage rate of HTML emails has also increased, making them more important than ever.

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