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Technologies team where I continue to teach and develop information security eucation at universities. At Positive eucation we have systematically approache the construction of a career development scheme in information security. The basis for creating the scheme was an analysis of more than vacancies on the labor market over the past three months interviews with … Read more

Gmail mail or iCloud

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A moderator of the process

Now then I have bad news for you Unfortunately in this case one can only sympathize. Laundering a domain will be much more difficult than registering a new one and setting up a new mail server. You can start. Until recently it was possible to send a regular letter from a mail server to even … Read more

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In addition you nee to check whether the provider is blocking any ports by default before renting so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Pay special attention to ports and as these are the ones that are require for the mail server to function properly and send phishing messages. Send a lot of emails and … Read more

The Ministry of Industry and Trade

Problems arise due to the fact that the Russian alphabet has as many he adds.as more letters and the pronunciation of some sounds can be phonetically represente in English by no less than two or more letters. How would you transliterate the name Chichikov And Erokhin Or Gushchin What to do It is worth considering … Read more

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The creation of the council should be undertaken by participants. In the industrial centers of competence Chemistry Metallurgy and Oil and Gas and Petrochemistry for example. Eurochem Sibur Severstal MMK Norilsk Nickel Metalloinvest. Gazprom Neft as well as IT companies specializing in industrial automation admits Mikhailin. Nowadays coordination of IT developments in industry. Takes place … Read more

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Then release the  He clarifie that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is ready to support the initiative but the companies themselves must demonstrate it. As an example Dozhdev cite an interindustry working group organize for the joint development of an automate process control system automate process control system. The APCS group was create in … Read more

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Trill your  GHz unlike the CortexX in Gen The new version has one less performance core and also includes the previous generation modem the X G which includes support for The layout of the blocks on the chipset has change instead of . It uses Adreno graphics and a Snapdragon X modem. The meia engine … Read more

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Into the microphone Python code according to your request and correct errors that arise in the work using the error text and even screenshots. Despite its enormous capabilities PyGMTSAR was create and remains the most effective InSAR analysis system which is what makes it possible even on an outdate basic laptop to perform analysis that is … Read more

What was just said than to hum

What was just Click on the Open in Collab icon to open interactive examples in your browser. Each example can be down loade as a Jupiter notebook or Python script. Open In Colab Earth quakes Interferogram CENTRAL Trkiye Mw.  Earthquakes Co Seismic Interferogram.  in Cola  In Collab Volcanic eruption Pico do Fogo Volcano on Cape … Read more

A pause to think about

A pause to  I also notice that if the audience is mostly male then you nee to smile more often men relax and listen more favorably I as a girl have notice this more than once. And if the audience is mainly female then it is better to be more serious smart women appreciate this. … Read more

Work on Oneself in the Creative Process

Work on Oneself  The Actors of Experience. Instead of a conclusion Performing at a meetup is not like performing as a soloist in Italian opera in front of a crowd but it is also very cool and responsible. As they say everything is in balance everything is in flow everything is in resource Fellx March … Read more