Customize your page’s meta description tags to control

Once installed, log into your WordPress admin panel and click Settings >> All in One SEO Pack. From there I typed: Home Title: Viral Marketing : ViperChill (I try to rank my site with this phrase and it’s also my brand name) Post. Similarly, you can add keywords to tags to introduce your site to search engines. However, Google announced a few months ago that they would no longer be crawling keyword tags.

But now technology has advanced significantly

And there are better ways to determine ranking and relevance. I still try to incorporate keywords in the same place (for search engines other than Google) and I do this by enabling “dynamic” keywords using england cell phone numbers the All in One SEO pack. ing. As for the description, I don’t want it to be done automatically. There is nothing better than a description that you have come up with yourself. That’s where Headspace comes in. This plugin uses its brain to come up with a description for each entry. Headspace also has a feature that automatically fills in an entry’s meta description based on the category description, which I highly recommend for people who post a lot of entries. Permalink A permalink simply refers to the URL of an entry. By default, the title of the entry tends to look like viperchill.

A friend of mine pointed out that the quickest

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URL for this entry looks like’ll leave it up to you to decide which one looks better. The latter format not only lets you know what’s going on before you click, but also has the advantage that the words in Taiwan Whatsapp Number List the URL are highlighted on search engine results pages when the entry is relevant to the search query. To change permalinks, first click Settings >> Permalinks. I’m currently using the following format: Some bloggers like to insert categories, but I try to keep the URL as short as possible.  solution (for database queries) is . I don’t really recommend it to anyone other than those running huge sites on WordPress, but I think it’s worth paying attention to.

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