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Question 8: Would you bookmark my article? A great article is one that gets bookmarked because you provide information that readers will want to refer to in the future. How do you write an article that gets bookmarked? There are four important characteristics to consider: now A compelling story with believable characters In-depth “how-to” articles on topics that have not been covered before Social Media Handbook – Long list of resources like 57 Resources for First-Time Entrepreneurs Question 9: Are your articles packed with calls to action, advertisements, and promotions? A simple test to see if your site is failing this question is to look back at your site. Where should your eyes focus? Where do you want your readers to look? Is it clear what you want people to do? For example, as I was writing this blog post, I saw a site called WebProNews .

When I opened their site, this is what I saw

Did you notice all the ads? What about the headline… where is it? It’s at the bottom on the screen. Unfortunately, great articles are filled with advertisements and other germany phone directory third party material. This may not be difficult to understand for search engines, but it is difficult for readers to understand . So, it’s best if you keep your website a simple and concise design that your readers will love. Question 10: Will magazines and journals cover your article? When the world of blogging opened its doors more than a decade ago, it gave people the power to publish without traditional gatekeepers like magazine or newspaper editors. It has spawned a swarm of writers who have provided you and me with some really great stories, news, and tutorials. However, this absence of gatekeepers also has a negative side.

There is no such thing as quality control unless you

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Do it yourself. Like the previous question about editing, this question forces you to see how your work compares to articles featured in professional magazines Hungary Phone Number List and journals. To see if your work is comparable, spend time in a bookstore and look at all the magazines that appeal to you.. Don’t just read articles, try to analyze them. How does the story begin? How is it ending? What makes this story so interesting? Is it because it’s a tragedy with a happy ending? You can find a good example of this process in the article 7 Classic Headlines That Prove to Work . This article analyzes the headlines on the cover of Prevention magazine . If you want to improve your writing, you need to look at examples of very good writing and then adapt your writing to the examples.

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