Efforts to acquire large amounts of user generated

The keyword “UGC” sounds strangely nostalgic for some reason, but in the social age, how a website can build its own UGC and increase the level of user engagement is crucial in order to differentiate itself from other companies and survive. It is also a challenge. This time, from Search Engine Land, we will tell you how to kill two birds with one stone, and how that effort itself will actually help with SEO and increase traffic via search. — SEO Japan I believe that there is no future for website publishers who cannot differentiate themselves from others. Earlier this year, I covered the importance of differentiated content .  content (UGC) may be a viable option. However, while this is easy to say, it is difficult to actually implement it. In this column, I would like to examine some options for obtaining UGC.

UGC goes a long way in differentiating your business

Because it can add a layer of valuable content to your site that your competitors’ sites don’t have. Of course, it is not enough to simply acquire it blindly. You need to take the time and german telephone book effort to figure out what kind of content will add value to your site’s user experience. When it comes to adding UGC to your site, the key is not just adding chunks of text, but engagement. Google’s Panda update highlights that user engagement is a factor in SEO rankings. I also suspect that the impact of engagement metrics is increasing. Plus, a bonus to doing this is knowing what words are being used to describe your product. So let’s give an example of effective UGC. Amazon cleverly integrates user reviews into its site: table of contents Leverage site traffic Use social media Creative ways to capture data summary Leverage site traffic First, I would like you to consider leveraging the traffic that is already coming to your site.

This strategy can help you gather a lot of valuable

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Content very quickly. TechCrunch is successfully implementing this strategy, with users leaving numerous comments on their posts. However, creating UGC this way requires that Chile Phone Number List you already have enough traffic. It is also necessary to provide a comment platform. This is offered for free by the blogging platform. Additionally, it’s helpful to have an anti-spam system installed, such as Akismet (also free). However, you can also use platforms such as Facebook Comments. TechCrunch does exactly this: Since Facebook comments require you to log in to your Facebook account, it also serves as an anti-spam measure. This takes advantage of the psychology of not wanting to use your account to send spam. Facebook itself also has a strong desire to remove malicious accounts. As of November 2011, it has been revealed that Google is indexing Facebook comments .

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