External links Optimization of external links starts

As a result, I am getting a lot of links. There is a restaurant review site called Urbanspoon. By featuring gourmet bloggers, we are encouraging them to link to our site. There is a survey ASP called SurvetMonkey. Users can now publish surveys on their sites and receive links at the same time. Finally, there is the Chinese ICP site with 100 million links. The reason is that the site cannot be opened in the first place unless you provide a link. I don’t know if it can be done in America. . . lol . . . The ending is amazing. Next, let’s talk about a fantasy about links. 1. “If you provide good content, you will get more links.” It’s a common story, but it’s just a fantasy! In order to overwhelmingly increase the number of links, it is necessary to provide benefits to users who create links.

Only certain types of links are effective

All links have meaning. Every share and quote link is valuable. When considering a link building strategy, it shouldn’t be considered as a marketing strategy after you’ve created cell phone directory canada your site. You should think about your link strategy when building your site. . . . That was it. An approach that changes the perspective of SEOmoz. However, it is true that a service that does this properly will win overwhelmingly. Amazon is correct. — Next up is Garrett French from Ontolo. The number of links is not enough; the quality is important. The following steps are important to get quality links: 1. Decide on 5-6 keywords that you want to rank high on and actually search online. 2. Find blogs and communities that are likely to link to you from the search results 3.

Create content that sparks dialogue in each community

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Create content that will lead to more links and more leads. 5. Promotion all the time! . . . I’ve summarized it briefly, but when it comes to content, it seems that they actually conduct Kenya Whatsapp Number List group interviews with 10 to 20 people in their target audience and ask them to evaluate the content. It’s interesting that you separate content that causes dialogue from content that increases links. And if you first provide content that will spark a conversation. On top of that, you can provide content that will increase links and leads. This is definitely the order. The last one is Mike Gulchsen of Covario. About link optimization. Various link analysis tools exist on the Internet. Yahoo!’s Site Explorer is the most famous.  With creating a link list.

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