Four web trends that are plaguing giant portal

It is important to ensure that the link rel=canonical tag always points to the canonical version of the page, so be careful when dynamically generating this element. Requests to  are resulting in a security warning due to an SSL certificate mismatch. This is common for sites that use Akamai for global server load balancing.  I don’t know how to get around this problem. I’d like to talk to someone at Akamai about this.

This may be because these pages are less likely to convert

or because they don’t provide a good user experience like “create an account” or “post a comment” pages. Or maybe it’s because the page isn’t intended for web browsers, canadian phone number like an XML response to an API call. Calls to Bing’s search API that create URLs starting withcan be crawled by spiders according to the robots.txt file. This has a tremendous impact on efficient crawling. This is because search engines will continue to crawl these XML results, even if they are of no use to the browser. A Google search for [ OR currently returns around 260 results, but based on the analysis I’ve done on my client’s web access logs, this…

Use ALT attributes on images Images should always

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have alt text via the ALT attribute (rather than TITLE or NAME, which I’ve seen on some sites). This is effective for accessibility issues such as screen readers, and provides search Cameroon Phone Number List engines with additional context about the page. While many of the images on the pages I checked had proper alt text, I couldn’t help but note that Duance Forrester’s image on his profile page did not. But he’s in good company. Because Larry, Sergey, Eric, and the rest of Google’s executive team don’t have it. Avoid using Rel=Nofollow attribute on links to “sculpt PageRank” The rel=nofollow attribute on a link tells search engines not to view the link as part of the link graph. Sometimes I criticize sites that try to take advantage of this fact to control the entrances that PageRank “flows” into the site.

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