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You can download the automatic monitoring bot sample code from the URL below. I will update it if I can confirm.) — Engagement automation ・Regular automatic tweets ・Automatically follow tweets that include specific keywords ・Automatically follow users who follow you ・Automatically send DM to new followers ・Automatically tweet blogs and press releases ・ Automatically reply to “Nag Followig” (Nag Following) Automatically follow the other person, and if the other person does not follow you, you will unfollow them after a few days. Repeat this several times to encourage followers. All must be used with caution. Especially the final nag following is dangerous. There is a high possibility that you will be blocked if you are not careful.

The last one is amazing lol

Analysis automation ・Google Analytics : Analyze where the message actually came from by inserting parameters, etc. ・Follower analysis ・・Followers’ language france number phone region ・・Followers who retweet ・・Since it is the most important, it is also possible to give points. ・Landing page A/B test – Track social media clicks Collect as much data as possible and analyze it creatively. . . . I read the analysis part all at once, so I couldn’t follow it in detail m(_ _)m — Finally, Tracy Falke of Freestyle Interactive. Here’s a survey to see if the venue already has Twitter automation in place. There were about 20 out of 200 people.

Although social media has been popular

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For several years, the number of inquiries from companies regarding Twitter has increased dramatically. He talked about things to be careful about when it comes to automation, along Estonia Whatsapp Number List with examples, but I couldn’t take notes of each point. I will summarize only the points. ・The most important thing in Twitter communication is people. Automation is a way to make communication between people smoother. ・100% automation is not possible. 80% automation and 20% actual communication. -Currently, there are too many spam-like automations. There are also many Twitter accounts of famous companies.


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