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The number of Internet users has increased rapidly. A final word. Conversations on the Internet are accelerating due to the evolution of social media and search. Statistically, there is also data showing that people who write and read blogs and participate in SNS are more active and relatively active in purchasing activities. It’s up to you whether you want to participate in the conversation, but if you’re a corporate marketer, you have to, right? … In one hour, he covered a wide range of topics, including the latest developments in the internet, especially changes in user behavior, which was perfect for the first keynote of the first day. To be honest, I would have liked the title to go a little deeper into the relationship between social media and real-time search, but it’s the first one, so this is what it’s all about.

At least I feel like I need to use Twitter a little more

Many landing pages have too much text. It contains a lot of useless information and is not optimized as web content. Text and content are different. For example, even if the mobile number list text contains the same amount of information, organizing the information using bullet lists etc. will make the content much easier to read on the web. There are many texts that are not optimized, so TMT (Too Much Text) syndrome I even call it that. The less content your landing page has, the better. My first advice to clients is often to “cut existing content in half.” Is the above really true? I still have some doubts about this, but I guess the point is to think about text and content separately. The next thing I talked about was the process that leads to conversion.

By saying that it is divided into four parts

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Visibility: Where to advertise? ↓ Creative Can you convey a persuasive message through advertising? ↓ Continuity: Is the overall flow of search marketing Austria Whatsapp Number List considered? The flow of keyword → advertisement (message) → landing page is important. If the balance of these three elements is disrupted, the conversion rate will definitely drop ↓ Conversion The third aspect, continuity, is particularly important. And a landing page. Considering user psychology and behavior patterns, it is not surprising that the landing page will be different for email, search, display (banner), and offline. Does your landing page create fear or trust on the first impression? is everything. There are many ways to gain trust, but include a mess

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