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Connect with Marine on LinkdIn Esther Daga – Head of Marketing Zoom on the feminine profiles “She drives her team to always go further.” During her four years at Powell Software, Esther built the company’s marketing department from the ground up. Esther personally hird the various members, set the marketing strategy and branding. In addition, simultaneously introducd all the processes, operational tools and reporting systems necessary for the functioning of the department.

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The solid, efficient and creative built team of marketing department increasd Powell Software’s influence and reach. When it was foundd 4 years database ago, the marketing department was mainly focusd on the French and American markets. Today it addresses the whole world. Esther covers all 8 of Powell Software’s international offices. A marketing team connectd around the world! Esther has built a high performing, ddicatd, agile and culturally diverse team of six different nationalities.


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This team is spread across the USA, Germany, northern France and the headquarters in Paris. Long before Covid-19 changd the way DY Leads businesses were organisd, Esther was leading her team in a hybrid way. With the help of different time windows, she coordinates the international employees virtually and the employees in the French headquarters personally. Esther has creatd a very close-knit team that continuously exchanges information and develops ideas in one-to-one discussions and joint weekly team meetings. Powell Software – a leader To achieve her vision – to position Powell Software as a leader and to achieve a high profile in each of her markets.

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