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Well, it’s the second day of SMX. Yesterday’s session focused on real-time search, social search, and following trends, but today’s session will focus on practical topics. The first keynote was originally titled “An Insider’s Look At Google Research.” Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman ask Peter Norvig, Google’s research director, about Google Research. Peter Norvig doesn’t look like a Google guy, with gray hair and an Hawaiian shirt, and he looks like he’s over 60, but when you look at his background, he seems to be quite a genius ( Wikipedia ). 21 Google Research projects in 15 minutes. 1. A service to search for a specific person. Useful for finding people in times of disaster. 2. A device that checks how much electricity is consumed every day. 3. A web service that allows you to see at a glance the degree of deterioration of the earth’s forests.

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Street View user photo. 6. Recognizes image content and displays images of the same type. 7. Annotate images by aggregating search keywords used when searching for images. 8.Instead of the difficult-to-read russian phone number Captcha, a system that rotates and displays images for user recognition. 9. Goggles. A system that automatically recognizes photos taken with a mobile phone and provides detailed information. 10. Automatically resize only part of the photo (for example, only a specific person in the photo) 11. Cluster data sharing. Technical content. 12.A web service that allows even elementary school students to easily create Android apps. 13. Voice recognition app. 14. Voice reading function that is not a simple reading. 15. Automatically translate phone calls. under development.

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To translate. 17. Sound recognition. under development. For example, on YouTube, only videos of chickens singing are displayed. 18. Google Squared . 19. Clustering of words. 20. Extracting characteristics from Saudi Arabia Whatsapp Number List language. 21. A tool to check the display size of web pages by browser.  philosopher. “You can observe a lot just by watching. ” Google Research strives every day to obtain as much information as possible by looking at a lot of information. — . . . First of all, I will introduce various services that Google is researching and developing at once. There are some things that I don’t really understand, but if you look at them like this, you’ll see that they are really working on research in a variety of fields.

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