I didn’t do any PR for the resumption of SEO

In the Japanese market, Google will be quick and Yahoo. But it is not. Good luck local! Good luck locals! That’s what it feels like. — Now, a few closing comments.  Japan in advance, so I started I didn’t do any  writing the article with the intention of keeping a record of the session, but more people than I expected read it.

I’m really glad I restarted SEO Japan

Of course, this is the result of many people introducing us on their blogs, Twitter, and social bookmarks, and we are truly grateful to everyone. In particular, I had a conversation on Twitter late at db center uk night on the first day with Mr. Sumi , who is a heavyweight in the. SEO industry , and it was a huge success that led to an immediate increase in the number of. Twitter followers and the number of accesses to our website. Thank you again Mr. Sumi m(_ _)m. I’m sure many of you who watched it thought that Takihi and Sumi were really good friends, but the last time. They met was three years ago.However, I don’t know what to say, when did they meet or talk? He is someone who can communicate honestly. I think our personalities are 180% different lol Another big thing was that Mr.

Watanabe, who is a leading voice in the SEO industry

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Took up the topic. Unlike the two of you, I have completely stopped my information dissemination activities, but I am truly grateful to you for being my partner. Thank you Dominican Republic Whatsapp Number List very much to everyone who has covered this. SES London report on their blogs and Twitter. Also, for those of you who have become followers on Twitter. I am currently retired from real-time information gathering activities (as someone who once wrote a book on RSS would say), so I am sorry that I hardly refollow you. .




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