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Use individual words from your list of medium-priority keywords. Adjust the title so that it has meaning and is readable. You don’t have to worry about how the title tag appears in a browser or search engine.  engine will likely display a excerpt of the title that contains the keyword. As for how it looks in the browser, the title is not displayed until you actually visit the page. At this point, a well-written headline becomes far more important. #H1 Headline For on-page headlines, you want to stick to high-priority keywords. It is far more important to provide a headline that is easy to understand and read than to fill it with words and phrases that you want to rank highly. Include individual words that appear frequently in your list of medium-priority keywords.

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SEO, I pay a lot of attention to #h2 subhead lines. Not because search engines consider #h2 to be a strong ranking signal, but because you can create a section for medium-priority telephone numbers germany keywords, complete with images and optimized alt tags. <h2>Knuckleball Pitchers Who Threw No-Hitters</h2> In your on-page content, try to create sections for your most important and second most important keywords. Although it won’t work every time, try to create optimized content by surrounding the relevant keywords with #h2 whenever possible. <h2> Knuckleball Pitchers Who Threw No Hitters </h2> <p> <img src=” knuckleball-pitchers-threw-no-hitters .jpg” alt=” Knuckleball pitchers who threw no hitters ” class=”align-left” /> Lorem ipsum dolor sit knuckleball pitchers who threw no hitters.

Once you’ve created the first draft of your page

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Review it and insert medium-priority keywords if they feel like a natural fit. Follow basic SEO copywriting rules and use different forms of words (singular/plural, past/present/future Italy Phone Number List tense, adverbs, etc.). 3rd most important keyword Review the entire page, sprinkling in low-priority keywords if they make sense and sound natural, and making small adjustments. Split keywords & review copy Break all your keywords into two-word phrases and single words. IIf there’s a part that stumbles or sounds robotic, try rewriting that part until the whole page sounds natural.

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