It’s more valuable to see the actual products

You’ve already purchased than to see people put items in their shopping carts. Amazon suggests relevant products on web pages, sends personalized emails with products you might like, and uses data to build a decentralized advertising network : Amazon uses its vast amount of data to influence consumers based on the products they see or purchase on the retailer’s website. The company will help advertisers use media targeting to reach consumers by directing them to any URL with behaviorally targeted display ads. There are many other technologies and business models for retargeting. Some companies are trying to lend pixels to third-party websites, some analytics services are reviving cookies, and Akamai’s CDN is offering pixel-free tracking services and Facebook likes. Buttons collect data even if you don’t click them, and third-party social media “add” buttons collect and sell similar data.

The shift to mobile will make ad retargeting

even more sophisticated. Digital receipts are becoming more popular , and Eric Schmidt is turning Google into a wallet . 2. Integrated media buy WebMD WebMD is monetizing the db center uk information-to-self-assessment quiz section with original integrated advertising channels directly related to the disease. blog sponsorship Pay-Per-Post has chosen the blog for exposure and is shameful in its marketing approach. Review Me (a company I helped found and sold my stake to a long time ago) was intended to be a bit of a safe bet, but at least in the early days it didn’t get as much brand attention as it had hoped. . These days, many blogging communities have created their own advertising networks. Would you like to reach out to mothers? P&G is partnering with BlogHer , a blogging community for women .

The initiative has grown in popularity and is

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Fatured in blog entries and videos. Youtube Immediately after watching a video about sugar and insulin, I had the experience of being chased by YouTube. Ads were placed Colombia Phone Number List on top of the videos, and related video units were displayed on the right. Further pursuing the idea of ​​“creating content, not ad units,” YouTube created its own ad for Nintendo . In this ad, the entire interface of YouTube’s website is related to the game. Tipp-Ex also created a viral YouTube ad that got a lot of attention . Google’s Nikesh Arora said in his presentation that WillItBlend is a $5,000 product placement blend. 3. Network quality deteriorates Some ad networks have taken steps to backfill their inventory with bogus “inventory” (Yahoo!

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