I’ve been planning to blog about all the sessions

The same event will be held in New York in April, so I could have gone there, but I decided to participate in London because I wanted to buy futures. If you think about it, it looks really cold. . . It was I’ve been planning Sakura Lounge in Narita that I regret now. It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in an overseas event, so this time I thought I’d try to get a grasp of the latest SEO/SEM scene in the world.  I’ll be attending, and I’ve announced to everyone that I’ll be writing blogs, so I don’t think I’ll be able to fully enjoy London, but I hope I can provide even a little bit of useful information to my readers. I think! Other than that, I would also like to try live streaming the session on Twitter if I have the time.

So, I’m about to take a flight. What movie are you doing?

First keynote session on the first day. The title is “Is Social Media the Future of Search?” It’s an interesting title. To be more precise today, another event us phone number example company called Online Marketing Summit (OMS) will be using the first day of SES to hold a special session for a European audience. OMS is a fairly famous conference in America. Perhaps because it was slightly different from SES, or because it was a Monday, there were about 100 participants. That’s an incredible number in America. By the way, I was apparently the only Japanese or Asian person there. Well, it’s probably rare that people from Asia go out of their way to participate in European SES. . . Are there very few Asian people in Europe who work online? It’s unthinkable in America, especially on the West Coast.

Aside from this, the keynote speaker was Aaron Carlo

Phone Number

CEO of Online Marketing Connect, the company that operates OMS. Aaron first asked what kind of people were participating, and it was roughly 15% new to internet Argentina Whatsapp Number List marketing, 15% people from existing media, and 70% internet marketing experts (20% social media, 45% search marketing). %, email marketing 5%). Well, is it like this everywhere? I guess I use social media a little more than I expected. The first thing Aaron talked about was the overall theme of OMS today. ・Understand customers ・Clarify issues ・Think of solutions Detailed techniques are important, but don’t forget the basics, which is a standard story. I understand, but I agree again. What I showed here is a statistical document that says, “Young people spend far more time on the Internet than on TV, yet TV still spends more on advertising.

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