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The gist of the article titled The Decline and Fall of Guest Posting ” is as follows: Guest posting was once a reliable method of reaching Internet users. However, spamming is currently rampant. Therefore, blogs that publish guest posts should be considered subject to Google’s punishment. Below are some excerpts from the actual article: I can not continue. Guest posting is over. This is because it has become too spammed. Copyblogger’s features articles by guest contributors. I’m sure there are others doing the same thing on their sites. And maybe you’ve guest-published once, twice, or even multiple times? Have we made a terrible mistake? Will every one of them be punished? No such thing.

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My word for it. table of contents Guest posting is not finished. Quality should come first no matter what. Update: Clearing up misconceptions Guest posting is not finished. We british mobile numbers can trust the words of Copyblogger’s CEO, who posted a tweet around the time : For someone who runs a site to create real media, the phenomenon of pointing out the dangers of guest posting must seem ridiculous. — Brian Clark (@brianclark) January 20, 2014 He then explains: @MichelleDLowery @mattcutts can’t be referring to an online magazine that has several contributors. Brian Clark you act like a magazine that has Strict quality standards, you’ll be fine: @mattcutts — Brian Clark (@brianclark) January 20, 2014 And finally, the ultimate lesson: @joehall You’re absolutely right.

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Of we need to change the type of site? No matter what, quality should be your priority. — Brian Clark (@brianclark) January Quality should come first no matter Germany Phone Number List what. Google would be disqualified as a search engine if it were to penalize sites that provide high-quality content because their content is in the form of guest posts . On the other hand, if we adopt a strategy of pursuing hypothetical algorithmic changes, then we are also disqualified as publishers. The strategy of pursuing quality is unbeatable. Guest posting is not “over,” dead, or doomed. Set strict standards, treat your audience appropriately, and focus on long-term success rather than immediate profits.

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