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There’s a settings section in the admin panel that can help you decide what you want to block. One is to allow following (e.g. regular pagination or categories). Then block it and “protect” your link juice.  of this entry, I mentioned that there are ideas that have pros and cons, but I will now introduce the first one. The Nofollow attribute was introduced by search engines to stop spam on the web from ranking in search results. Therefore, by default, all links to commenters are automatically set to nofollow. Nofollow sculpting. This oft-cited term refers to preserving link juice (link weight) and diverting it to pages you like. For example, every page on my site includes a link to a contact form. Is it necessary to strengthen the contact page this much? Once you link to a page, Google will index it.

My site also emphasizes this point. Similarly

I nofollow links to about pages, category links, and RSS feeds. This ensures that the “weight” from backlinks you’re getting for your entry doesn’t spread dutch mobile numbers to other pages. A regular text link is posted below. Lnks If you display the full entry on your home page, you don’t need to worry about this. However, if you’re only posting a portion of your content, you’ll probably be using either a “read more” or “continue..” link somewhere. Since the entry title already links to the page with perfect anchor text, there is no need to give juice to the read more link, which basically takes the reader to the same page.

In the Theme’s editor Appearance Editor

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Open the relevant file/ This is the end. Please make sure that you are changing the read more permalink instead of the permalink to the entry title . If Turkey Whatsapp Number List you’re not sure which is which, contact the theme author. Unfortunately, there are too many examples to list here. Disable comment page Unless you’re getting hundreds of comments per entry (or you’re just not satisfied with page load speeds), you don’t need paginated comments on your site. Although not present in past WordPress versions, if you have WordPress 2.7 or later installed, paginated comments are the default option. It can be disabled in Settings >> Discussion. This proves that your site does not have duplicate pages displaying similar or similar content.

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