In my opinion it is difficult

We check the length of the description before sending a product for review when it is sufficient and in a parallel process it is change to insufficient as a result a product with an insufficient description will be sent to review. Therefore there must be locks in both saving and sending for review. Ideally a … Read more

Quite long but using smaller examples

The business logic must receive a readymade entity because when there is no entity with the specifie id we nee to return another HTTP response code and this is the responsibility of the controller. Therefore the entity must be loade in the controller. Loki Locks are use to prevent simultaneous processing. php class Product Repository … Read more

When opening a product

Queues Yes there are queues with them will work on our project in months. The business has a requirement not to change the values of the fields in the product until the manager accepts the changes. When eiting a product by the supplier changes must be save in a separate table when accepte transferre to … Read more

The article discusses business actions

In real development The article Business requirements Lets take the following business requirements. The example is close to the real one but in one form or another it is found in many online stores so all matches are random although in some cases they are quite probable. There is an online store. There is a … Read more

When he himself becomes its leader

There are always fewer contributors than we would like so it makes sense to consider compromises both in the format of participation and in its quality. For the most part community members do not remain active for long and current leaders nee to be constantly preparing replacements to pass on the culture of the community. … Read more

Is already a member to the moment

LinkeIn profiles or resumes that mention technology are the flip side of the previous point. Health Marker Activity This is more interesting for comparing the project with competing ones GitHub Forks. Using code in other projects. Questions in official community channels. Number of registrations and participants at key events. Health Marker Communication Indicators that indicate … Read more

You determine that a person

What can we do together that a person cannot do alone For example write the perfect database change industry standards or even solve some social problem. Depends on the specifics of the project. Lets say the creators of a pet project dont have time to set up automatic messages draw personas implement models but only … Read more

From the moment of joining

The Apache Software Foundation ASF has a feature communication occurs through mailing lists. For years the Apache Ignite website had instructions on how to contribute your code to the project. The first point said write us a letter on the dev list. At some point due to changes in processes on the part of ASF … Read more

If you mentally describe the ideal

It by the way how can then you can usually find several points where a minimum of improvements will give the best effect. Contributors the Pareto rule works here too Contributors are the most romanticize concept in open source. We often imagine the ideal contributor as a cool highgrade engineer. Who knows a lot and … Read more

Path of a community member

These are the developers Path of a who write highquality code and do it more often and in larger volumes than others. It also turne out that this trend does not depend on the size of the project the contribution of the heroes is always greater than that of other participants. It turns out that … Read more

Unfortunately this rule is often

It helps determine Unfortunately what exactly will be considere success in each orbit or stage that a person goes through in the community. And in order for movement to occur between the orbits it is not enough to spread straws you nee to lay out a carpet. Lay out the carpet I wont go into … Read more

There is a high probability that a project

Creating an image of people with whom you have no desire to interact will help you save energy and not waste it on obviously ineffective communication. Listen to those who help you move forward not those who speak louder. Many developers only segment user cases and stop there. They nee to be segmente but such … Read more