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How to build it? A few words about it in our text networking in business. What is networking? Networking in business is a password that has been gaining popularity in recent months. In social media, but also in the industry press, there is no shortage of events and groups devoted to this topic. In the business world, meetings for breakfast, lunch or even a glass of wine after work among Clevel people have been around for a long time, and building your network of contacts in the current business world is essential. Simply put, this is networkign in business.

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Both employers and we ourselves, when looking for contacts, for contractors, like to rely on recommendations. The answer to these needs is networking, which, when well practiced, is not Latest Mailing Database an activity of the “buddy friends” type. This is  a conscious recommendation from people we are sure about. Finally, we sign this recommendation with our own name or company brand. Forbes in the text on this subject wrote that networking is the ability to establish and maintain a network of contacts, and the purpose of networking is to provide mutual help and support.

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This is a far cry from the commonly accepted definition of “business card exchange”. Of course, the exchange of contact is one of the tools accompanying networking on a daily basis, the idea itself is much broader. How to actively “practice” networking  in business? There are as many ways as there are people, but there are a few of the most important ones and places for active networking. Conferences During the conference, you meet the most ne. Definitely a lot of people come to conferences for the same purpose as you. They want to meet new people, exchange DY Leads experiences and hear about other people’s professional practices.

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