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We recommend Building a personal brand on the example of athletes Today, traditional meia, in which the brand is cut off from its users, are losing their importance. In social meia, actions detache from the nees and experiences of customers are not very engaging, and they can backfire. Controversial meia image – examples A positive meia image is the holy grail of not only traditional marketing, but also the world of politics or personal brands. However, a “bland” and correct image less and less attracts attention and convinces to interact. The creators of boy bands know this, in which not only the roles of “good boys” are cast, but also more colorful characters.

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An interesting example are culinary programs in which nice and correct hosts do not arouse emotions. On the other hand, millions of turnover are brought by the meia empires of a simple boy Jamie Oliver, cooking fatty and unhealthy database Nigella Lawson or swearing like a shoemaker Gordon Ramsay. If you look at the marketing of products and brands, you can also find examples of such a risky meia image. Among the clothing brands, there are those aime at lovers of surf culture and beach life, as well as clothes for politically engage people.


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If market research shows that there are customers.  Who accept a risky meia image, it is worth considering whether it will not bring you more.  Benefits than a conservative approach. For example, a few years ago vegan brands were DY Leads niche. However, when it turne out that this is what customers expect, more companies appeare.  That made taking care of the environment an asset. You can learn more about this from our branding and promotion experts – please contact us. Have you planne what, where and how your brand should communicate? We will help you effectively build the image of your company. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you What elements does the meia image consist of.

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