Powerful but not a panacea For enterprise

Essential to understand “why” a PMN is need and what specific workloads will be running over the PMN. If they can understand what connectivity issues the PMN will address ahead of time: reliability and consistency, coverage and performance, and improved isolation, then the PMN project has a higher chance of succeeding. Specific to the use case, the enterprise will want to ensure that the devices serving the workload are identified as PMN-ready or have a strategy for wireless modems and routers to bridge the connectivity gap. At the same time, the enterprise will need to understand the bandwidth and performance.

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Could start with a proof-of-concept deployment on CBRS GAA first and, basedon Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data performance needs, can look into leasing a PAL or obtaining additional spectrum licenses if needed. Determine IT integration needs Since this will be an IT operation, the enterprise will need to work through crucial IT considerations, including: Device and user identity management – How does the enterprise manage identities and SIMs? What enterprise directory systems will the PMN need to integrate with.

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Running well and rapid troubleshooting capabilities to reduce DY Leads mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR). Likewise, the enterprise will want to understand how it will achieve end-to-end visibility and performance measurements – particularly the end-user experience. Pick the right vendor-partner and management model Most enterprise IT teams are not yet familiar with PMNs and would benefit from picking the right vendor which can act as a close partner in early deployments. Mobile network operators (MNOs) are another option for enterprises and may be able to provide managed services. Is a spectrum license require.

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