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Language = collection of words Language models = how to explain vocabulary to a computer When determining whether a particular search keyword is suitable for real-time search, the language model is used to determine how the appearance rate of that keyword has been compared to before. . . . I feel like I understand it algorithmically, but I don’t really understand why it’s a language model. . .  to understand (or so I hope). Future challenges are as follows: ・Improve the real-time nature of real-time searches, rankings and indexes ・Actively introduce real-time searches in areas other than news As a final note ・Posts that include multiple buzzwords or trendy words ・Posts that use too many hashtags It’s better not to. It will be automatically judged as spam and excluded from search targets.


Finally, Dylan Kasey, Search Product Manager at Google

With the spread of SNS and Twitter, a large amount of real-time information has become overflowing on the web. The need for real-time search has already existed. Real-time canadian phone number list search was released in December last year. Currently, it can target MySpace, Facebook, and Google Buzz. In addition to English, it supports Russian and Japanese. Similarly, information about keywords searched in real-time search is generated on the web in real-time. Currently, for example, Twitter tweets are displayed in real time at the bottom of the search results (we demonstrated this using the keyword “Toyota Sales”…). In addition to Twitter, other SNS are also displayed on the dedicated real-time search page. It also displays news. . . . Someone at the venue immediately searched for Toyota Sales and laughed when it came up first.

Various web search techniques are applied

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To the real-time search algorithm. The difficult part is determining whether the search keyword is one that requires real-time search results. Currently, we are considering Brazil Whatsapp Number List common format for all SNS and services that provide real-time information to be displayed in real-time search results. To get featured in real-time searches, you need to write a lot with passion. SEO is important, but don’t overdo it while sticking to the basics. —Although there are three parties, are all of them working on the same issues, including the issues? —- Danny Sullivan then asks a question. Sullivan: How do you monetize real-time search? Is it difficult to insert ads into real-time search? Google doesn’t advertise anymore either. Google: We are 100% focused on search. I definitely think there are many monetization opportunities in real-time search. Microsoft: There are many sensitive factors when advertising in real-time search.

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