The article discusses business actions

In real development The article Business requirements Lets take the following business requirements. The example is close to the real one but in one form or another it is found in many online stores so all matches are random although in some cases they are quite probable. There is an online store. There is a separate service for suppliers of goods who sell their goods through an online store. Suppliers are not employees of the online store. Then the request is resent manually using a button in the admin panel.

The supplier adds products eits

The data and then sends them for review to online store managers who work in another system. Managers check the name description and other parameters of the product and if everything is fine they publish the product in the online store. If any data does not Vietnam Mobile Number Database meet the requirements the request is rejecte and the product is returne to the supplier for eiting. While the product is under inspection the supplier cannot eit it. While the product is being eite by the supplier any fields other than the name are optional.

When submitting for review

The category title and description of at least characters must be fille in. It is advisable to return all validation errors together rather than one at a time. Sending a product for inspection to another system is carrie out by calling the API. We nee to store the history  of submissions for verification in our database. You should send it only after the data has been Qatar Whatsapp Number List successfully save to our database. You nee to send the old and new field values in the data to show a nice diff in the interface. Another system sometimes works unstable so if the API call fails this should be displaye in the request status. For example after successful sending set the status to Sent.

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