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This person seems to be quite famous to begin with. . . I think I heard a lecture at SES a few years ago. Well, is that okay? — First, a word that has an impact. “Google claims to make all the world’s information easily accessible, but it’s not quite successful.” He then introduces how the World Wide Web The content is detailed and search engines work. It’s been a while since I heard it. . .  it, so I’ll skip it. Below are some points along the flow of the story. ・Google constantly collects and updates information on the web. Because the web is constantly expanding. ・Search engine robots follow links and collect text information. that’s all. ・SEO is the process of how to make Google efficiently retrieve information.

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Information, the required SEO will become clear to you naturally. Techniques for coding “pages that are easy to understand by search engines,” or so-called “search-friendly pages,” have telephone numbers canada been around for 10 years. Write keywords in specific tags in TITLE, headline, and body copy. Add global navigation, etc. However, anyone can freely write the content of the page. Creating keyword-filled pages is easy. Which information is correct? A scientist named Kleinberg invented the concept of link analysis. When I searched for “Search Engine” on Altavista (a popular search engine at the time), Altavista did not come up in any results. When I search for Japanese car manufacturers, TOYOTA and HONDA do not appear in the search results. We thought that evaluation indicators other than page content were necessary. This is where the concept of link analysis was born.

First up is Rand Fishing from SEOmoz

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On the topic of strategic link building. I think everyone knows that linking is the most difficult part of SEO. no doubt. To win overwhelmingly in SEO, you need links that are more Kuwait Whatsapp Number List powerful than your competitors. In order to obtain overwhelming links, it is important to create a system that allows you to strategically obtain links. For example, consider Twitter. Twitter is only a newer service, but over the past few years it has become one of the most linked sites on the Internet. Why? That’s because for many people, it makes sense to link to Twitter. For example, a link from a blog to a Twitter account. At Twitter, link acquisition is completely aligned with the site’s strategy. For example, there is a video sharing service called Vimeo. When posting a shared video on a blog, the video itself is displayed using JAVScript, but the link to Vimeo is placed outside of JAVScript so that search engines can recognize it as a link.


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