The date written on the page appears in Google’s

SEOmoz: Yesterday, someone from Google Research said that page rank is getting more attention than it should, but I think it still has a lot of meaning. The relationship between The date written  page rank and search ranking is still very relevant. Q: Is it meaningful to have multiple links from the same site (site-wide links)? Covario: Google won’t rate it. However, having a large number of links is important in itself. However, it is better not to use site-wide links. Q: Are links to lower-level pages (deep links) effective? Covario: It depends on which pages you want to rank high, but depending on the keyword, it may be more effective to rank lower pages.

Now let’s start the “Let’s Ask

Series. This was by no means a sloppy session by the organizers. The first is the original title “Ask The Search Engines”, let’s ask the search engines! from. Moderator: Danny Sullivan. The canada mobile phone number speakers are from the three major search engines. Arnab Bhattacharle of Yahoo!’s Search Technology & Engineering Department? (Arnab Bhattacharjee), program manager Sasi Parthasarathy from Microsoft’s Bing, and Matt Cutts from Google. The title is just a software engineer. All Q&A format. By the way, Matt Cutts talked a little bit about it at the beginning, but it seems that this is the latest official document regarding AJAX SEO measures, which was a hot topic in yesterday’s session. I’m glad it’s not old information! Now for the Q&A. Q: Google prohibits automatic submission of search queries, which is very troubling for an SEO company, but is there anything we can do about it? Matt Cutts: It’s a case-by-case basis, but sometimes viruses are sending queries automatically, and sometimes they’re being used illegally, so we can’t allow everything.

What will happen to Yahoo! Site Explorer in the future

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Yahoo!: It’s hard to say, but we’re trying to maintain services that are convenient for users. Bing: We believe that our first priority is to provide useful services to our users. Sullivan: So Jordan Whatsapp Number List that means they might shut it down (lol) (indicating that it will be taken over by Bing’s service) Q:  search results, but it doesn’t look like the actual date of the search. Is it possible to delete it? Matt Cutts: I think users find it useful because they can judge when information is available. Q: I saw an AJAX-based search service used in Matt Cutts’ video interview. Will it be released? Matt Cutts: At Google, we want users to get to the results they want as quickly as possible. Using AJAX saves you the hassle of going back and forth between search results pages and websites.

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