The same goes for search, and there is potential

Is that true? Ballmer: When it comes to commercial keywords, yes. I think that the iPhone is used in a way that is different from other mobile phones such as cell phones. Sullivan: What do you The same goes for  think about mobile search? Ballmer: Usage will increase every year. I don’t know if it will grow to surpass PC. I think there are search needs specific to mobile, and specific search behaviors will continue to increase. Sullivan: Are there any differences in the companies’ attitudes towards search between Google and Microsoft? It is often said that there are cultural differences. Ballmer: I don’t work at Google, so I don’t know. Google’s culture is often talked about positively, but Microsoft also has talented staff and innovation. Sullivan: Can Microsoft make money from search? Ballmer: I don’t know how many years it will take, but I’m working towards it.

In 5 to 10 years, Microsoft may be No

However, no one can predict what kind of business search engines themselves will be in five to 10 years. I’ll just keep working on it. Sullivan: What do you think about the search what is telegram database business model? Ballmer: It’s very interesting that this is a business that is supported by advertisers, especially auction-type advertising. It’s an extremely dynamic model that creates competition between advertisers, which is great. Sullivan: How much effort do you want to put into the search business? Ballmer: There are 7-8 main businesses and a number of related businesses. I’m always looking for what the next frontier business will be.  for digital television as well. Real-time search is also interesting. There’s no better tool for basketball results than Twitter.

Sullivan: Speaking of Twitter, are you interested

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In buying Twitter? Ballmer: I can’t say whether it’s a good idea to buy it. We already have a relationship with Twitter, and it’s not a good idea to just buy everything. Companies Benin Whatsapp Number List that are independent sometimes do better. By the way, I also have a secret account for tweeting about basketball lol Sullivan: What has been your most helpful recent experience searching? ” Ballmer: “Key lime pie.” My girlfriend’s wife asked me to search for it. Bing is especially useful these days lol (do you mean searching for recipes?) Sullivan: Would you name your child Bing? Ballmer: It’s a little weird, but… I hope kids are using Bing in 50 years. Sullivan: What does it take to make Bing even better? Ballmer: I want to integrate more of the various ideas I’m thinking about.

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