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It’s important to use keywords in headlines and body text when writing, but only after you’ve written the content for your readers . Question 5: Is the article well edited? Another Then start organizing thing Matt Cutts mentioned is that well-edited pages tend to be viewed as more trustworthy. People appreciate when you not only spell correctly but also summarize your ideas clearly and concisely. How do I edit it properly? Yes, my process is simple and it might work for you too. I like to do my research first and throw facts and opinions together on one page. , adding, and deleting. Once I have the first draft, I leave it there for an hour, or if I have time, for a day. Then sit down with fresh eyes and revise it again. My final step is to get someone else to look at it.

If you take the time to edit, not only will readers

appreciate it, but search engines will appreciate it as well. Question 6: Does your site have authority? Authority generally means that people see you as an expert on a particular topic. That’s german mobile phone number example important on the web, but when it comes to Google and the search context, authority means relevance, links, keywords, and quality traffic . If you want to gain Google authority , the main things your site needs are: Natural growth based on healthy promotional activities Unique and valuable content tailored for humans rather than search engines Solid foundations and human-centered design After all, the big question Google wants to answer about your site is this: Does it add value to the web? Question 7: Does it go beyond the obvious and provide insightful or interesting information? What gives the blogging world a bad name are the thousands of bloggers who add to the canned content that already exists.

Before you sit down and start writing, it’s important to

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Earch the web for articles similar to your idea. One thing I do is type the heading I’m thinking of using into the Google search box. And see what comes out. Do I have a unique topic, Hong Kong Phone Number List or are there hundreds of titles similar to mine? Sometimes that means having to narrow your focus. But once you’ve narrowed your focus, you need to make sure you’re providing information that goes deeper than the surface level. For example, in my article 7 Habits of Highly Successful SEO , I didn’t talk about obvious SEO habits like on-page optimization or managing PPC campaigns. I talked about less obvious things like creativity, risk-taking, and the surprising fact that super-effective SEO doesn’t just depend on SEO . I offered something insightful and interesting. Something you won’t see anywhere else.

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