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Some influencers remain memorable and influential, but many are constantly changing. Michael Jackson is special because he remains influential even after his death. Social action and business action There are many types of social actions: Visit Click Retweet Blog Post Blog Comment Review Bookmark These must lead to business actions: Subscribe Registration Purchase Repeat purchase … The value of participating in social media Suppose 10,000 people are having a conversation about shampoo. Assume that the lifetime value (LTV) of a new customer is $29 (profit). Let’s say 5% become customers by participating in the conversation. Assume that 5% of those customers become repeat customers. … You can calculate whether it is worth participating. … And finally, a final word. Marketing was the first to say sheep.  direct sales, and there are many ways to measure effectiveness, but the important thing is to have a relationship with your customers.

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Will be released in May. I talked about various topics in quick succession, so I’ll summarize the main points. What is marketing? Marketing is like sheep and chickens. “One denmark phone number lookup chicken is not enough to buy a sheep. Two is not enough. Four is enough.” There was negotiation and communication. That’s marketing. A large amount of data exists on the Internet, from server logs to access analysis software and eye tracking, and can be obtained. With current technology, most and large amounts of data can be measured. It is not important to obtain more data. The important thing is to understand and analyze the meaning of the data.

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Of social media. “All platforms that make it easy to distribute content” Not limited to online tools. Telephones are also one of them. Bulletin boards at stations are one such Albania Whatsapp Number List example. Social media is rapidly expanding on the Internet and will become the central medium for human communication in the future. Goal of effect measurement Business has three goals. 1. Make more money 2. Lower costs 3. Make your customers happy And the subgoals for customers are: Get attention. educate. Run an advertisement. Marketing. Sell. help. Customer service. Involved. The criteria for evaluation indicators are as follows: Reach – How far can you reach your target customers? Frequency – How often do you reach your customers? How to measure effectiveness? I’m not sure if you can actually see the signboard on the expressway.

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