These reasons existed before Google was born

In other words, don’t act like a spammer. If you say this, I’m sure you’ll understand. As long as you follow this simple principle, it’s okay to publish articles from outside contributors. And These reasons existed  there’s nothing wrong with contributing to other sites. If Google is stupid, and if publishers are spammers, then they are certainly putting themselves at risk. But Matt Cutts doesn’t need to tell you that, anyone should know that. Update Clearing up misconceptions Matt Cutts has updated his guest posting article with the following: Addition: Most people seem to understand what I mean, but I would like to add a little more information. I’m not trying to take away something important.

There are still many reasons to guest post

Increase visibility, branding, reach, build community, etc.). , and they’re not going away anytime soon. There are some really great, high-quality guest bloggers out there. I tweaked the germany phone no title a bit to make it clearer that I was referring to guest posts for search engine optimization (SEO). Nor am I referring to blogs with several writers. Quality blogs like Boing Boing, with several writers behind them, have been around since before the web, and they’re engaging, great, and informative. What I want to emphasize is that many low-quality or spam sites cling to “guest posting” as a link-building technique, and this spamming activity continues to grow.

So if a stranger contacts you and offers to guest post

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You should be suspicious (or at least cautioned).30 secrets from a content marketing genius `Content marketing genius” is not a word that can be called very scary, but when it comes Ghana Phone Number List to the charismatic web marketer (or so I think) Neil Patel, it makes me want to read it. He has led numerous websites and online Businesses to success through the use of content marketing, and he shares 30 pieces of advice for successful content marketing. — SEO Japan time to share Everyone must have experienced this at least once… Create the perfect content and hit the “post” button.


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