This allows you to move past URLs appropriately

However, if you want to perform this task on a new blog, be sure to install the redirection plugin. and in a search engine friendly manner. Also, remember to keep the entry slug short while creating it. This is because, by This allows you  default, the URL uses all the words in the title. Focus on key phrases If you don’t have a brand strategy in mind, I recommend a strategy that focuses on optimizing your site around key phrases that are likely to drive search traffic. Most blogs work hard day and night to acquire links. Therefore, you should try your hand at leveraging these links by gaining search engine rankings for related phrases. As for ViperChill, I’m trying to rank for the phrase “viral marketing.” It’s a phrase with a lot of competition, but it has a lot of search volume, and it’s also related to the site’s theme of “helping people build great sites that other people naturally want to feature.

Start by using Google’s external keyword tool to find out

Which phrases are popular with your audience. When doing so, be sure to select “All countries and regions” and select “Exact match” to get accurate data. Once you know the key phrase, you can also use it for: Home italy number phone page title tag Site heading logo As anchor text in links from other sites The first and fourth items are extremely important in improving your search engine rankings. Enable pingback Let me show you one way to increase your links (and improve your search engine rankings). It’s actually about linking to other sites. If you have a site that supports you on a regular basis, there’s a good chance they’ll return the favor. This is especially true if they cover the same industry. So I recommend enabling WordPress’ option to notify other blogs when you link to them.

To do so, head to Settings Discussion and select the following options

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Use the alt attribute regularly Lately, it seems like Google has been insistently emphasizing the importance of inserting alt attributes, not only for images but also for ranking entries. So I’d like you to think about a Thailand Whatsapp Number List search for the term “minimalist marketing.” Below are the results from my site. The text I highlighted, “minimalist-marketing,” is actually not listed anywhere on the page. This is the alt attribute of an image. WordPress automatically applies alt attributes to images, which are generated based on the file name. So if you save the image as “minimalist-marketing.jpg” or a name based on the content, WordPress will automatically generate the text for it. Alt tags are a way to tell search engines what the image is about. In addition to improving search traffic for the image, I believe it can also improve overall page rankings.

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