This chance could change the rest of your life

This chance couldĀ  The more you practice your talk, the more confident you sound. Remember that investors are looking at you first and foremost when investing. Will he do anything to protect my money and future company? ‘I think. Forgot the slide? Stuck in traffic? Forgot your tie? If that happens to you, it means you’ll do the same for your first valued customer. ! If you have to avoid traffic, sleep in front of their office, keep 3 spare ties in your bag, and bring 16 backups of CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, and paper for your presentation. . Advice #9: Be serious. Be serious about your stuff.

This is something that will affect you for

The rest of your life! If an investor makes a joke, laugh politely, but don’t joke around or make jokes about your company. If you don’t take your story seriously, why should korean mobile number hey? Advice #10: Don’t pick a fight Don’t argue with investors. Never say ‘no, but’ if you disagree with something they say. You say, ‘I don’t think so, but maybe we can talk about that some more after the presentation. This is an important issue that I would like to explain further. ‘ can be said. If you really want to answer that question right then and there, say ‘Great question! Let me explain why this is not the case. Say something like ‘. Free Bonus Advice: Be prepared for anything! Know what the place is like. Come early to inspect the conference room.

Try to make yourself feel at home. I go to the

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Bathroom before the meeting. Make sure you can park your car and have a full tank of gas. Drive there the day before so you know where it is so you don’t get lost. Google El Salvador Phone Number List each potential investor and find out if they have children, whether they play football, whether they like skiing, whether they are female or male, tall or short, fat or thin. Brush your teeth, wash your hands, and use deodorant! If I go out, I bring cash to pay for the coffee.

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