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SPA theoretically has the potential to. Become the next revolution in0. The implementation of websites, but in practice. Few people have heard of it so far., and as we already know, IT specialists do not know each other about the promotion. QAnd perhaps that is why it is so silent about it. If IT specialists knew about marketing or good PR activities, SPA would already be famous. The subject of Web 2.0, which had nothing to do with technology. Was at least as loud as it use to be. By the way, to this day there is no clear definition of what Web 2.0 is, the most absurd. I’ve heard is that these are elements. Of a website with rounde corners seriously.

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I heard something like that. Stopping for a moment at Web 2.0, I allowe myself a short mini-survey of my friends from various industries. The whatsapp mobile number list answers to the question “What do you think Web 2.0 is?” I got were: Jacek Kotarbiński – of experience wrote back: “The space of the social impact of the Internet” Jarek Żeliński – Analyst, owner of IT-Consulting replie: “Just an advertising slogan” Irena Kaczor – Former corporate woman who decide to try her hand at a startup perfect example of web 2.0 for me because it allows me to react, invite others to comment, post my own content, decide what and from whom I want to read, and turn off unwante features.

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Account that concept itself

This is web 2.0.” Adam Ościłowski – IT project DY Leads manager with many years of experience: “It is an opportunity to interfere with the content presente by the website user.” As you can see, the spread is quite large, which is very interesting if we take into is several years old. To this day, experts from various industries define the concept of Web 2.0 differently, interestingly, the more technical the person we are talking to, the more they do not recognize something like.

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