This is probably the first time we’ve appeared

The keynote on the first day was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  at a search-related event. The search engine partnership with Yahoo! has just been legally recognized in the US and Europe, so is it finally time for an all-out war with Google? ! Appears at the perfect time, when the eve is predicted. I’m feeling low due to lack of sleep due to jet lag, but I’ll report on it as soon as I can. Sullivan: First, can you tell us about the search partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo!? Ballmer: By integrating the search volumes of Microsoft and Yahoo!, we will be able to analyze data at scale. The quality of search results can be further improved.  This is probably the  We believe this will provide users with a more beneficial search experience. Sullivan: Will there be big changes in the world of search? Will there be a “game changer” that will change everything? Ballmer: We’re looking for a game changer.

Sullivan: Can Bing become No. 1 in the US

Ballmer: There’s no right answer to that lol Even if you say yes, something will be said to you, and if you say no, something will be said to you. . But let’s say yes here (applause). But Telegram Data there is a lot we need to do. Competition is not easy. Ballmer: You can’t go from No. 2 to No. 1 tomorrow. My long-term goal is to be No. 1. Sullivan: Can Yahoo! remain a meaningful player in search services? Ballmer: Our search engine will help you with that. We hope to gradually increase our search share. Sullivan: But aren’t they trying to do the same thing with Microsoft? Ballmer: If Bing becomes No. 1, that’s fine.

Sullivan: What do you think about Google’s various

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services that have legal issues? Ballmer: It’s not something Microsoft thinks about, it’s something that ultimately will be decided by law. At the extreme, we would be willing to Belize Whatsapp Number List share various data with Google if it would benefit users and advertisers, but Google probably won’t do that. However, I am concerned about Google using its overwhelming position to monopolize the market for digital books. . . . . That’s about ourselves. . . Sweat Sullivan: I think Bing has gained a lot of partners over the past few years, but what do you think about the iPhone? Ballmer: We would like to support Bing as well. Anyway, I think it’s important to increase the number of Bing partners. Sullivan: I’ve heard that iPhone already has the most searches on Bing than any other mobile platform.

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