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We also want to improve the quality of search results. In particular, I think the tail part of the long tail has improved considerably, but I would like to improve the quality even more. We To summarize the  would like to expand the number of countries where we provide Bing services. Sullivan: What do you think is the biggest business opportunity in search? Ballmer: The biggest opportunity is to answer what users want to do. For example, even if I want to search for a country’s debt, I currently get a variety of results and can’t find the debt information I really want. The same goes for researching healthcare. Search results are still a confusing mass of information. We would like to provide results that are more organized and easy to use.  are: 1. Understand user search intent 2.

How to organize unorganized data

The extent to which we can do this will create great business opportunities, and there is still much we can do. . . . I see. Simple yet easy to understand. . . . Q&A with the audience at philippines mobile number a good location. Venue: I think mobile Windows 7 has quite high performance, but what about sticking to the licensing business of selling it for a fee? Is it not possible to take a long-term perspective like Google and offer it for free? Ballmer: For example, Apple basically makes a lot of money from licensing fees. However, there may be models that are based on advertising costs for search results. Thinking about business models while mixing various things. Venue: What will happen to Silverlight in the future? Ballmer: I would like to continue to make efforts to popularize it.

Same for mobile and PC That said, I would also like

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To consider collaborating with Adobe. Venue: Can search advertising work on mobile? I don’t use it at all. Ballmer: I don’t think that the current PC format will hold true on mobile. There’s Bolivia Whatsapp Number List nothing wrong with displaying ads as long as the content is useful to users. The design and interface will continue to evolve in the future. Venue: What do you think about user privacy? Ballmer: User awareness of privacy and needs is constantly evolving as services evolve. By disclosing information, users may be able to receive more convenient services. This is a very sensitive issue, but we should always keep user awareness in mind. . . . That was it.Download materials for free A consultant specializing in SEO services will organize your site’s requests and issues, formulate measures, and help increase the number of inflows from search engines.

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