We’re not talking about usability today lol

First, the company plans to launch a Caffeine data center, probably in Europe. —The afternoon session on the third day was the second in the “Let’s Ask ***!” series, and this time all the famous We’re not talking  SEO companies were in attendance. The original title is “Ask The SEOs”. It’s rare to see famous SEO companies and professionals such as Bruce Clay, Aaron Wall of SEO Book, Jill Warren of High Rankings, and Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz on stage. For some reason, Matt Cutts is also sitting in the front row. I’m using a red laptop. I’m scared that I won’t be able to say anything black… Now in Q&A format. Q: What is the ideal way to set links and TITLE during pagination? A: First of all, I would like to consider whether it is necessary to index anything other than the top page using pagination.

When I set all the TITLEs of all pages to the same

Value, all pages disappeared from the index. At least the page order should be written in TITLE. It is better to write numbers in the anchor text as well. In the first place, it would be example canadian phone number bad from a usability point of view to not be able to reach the goal without navigating through dozens of pages using pagination. Sullivan: . Q: Where should SEO beginners start? A: Read my email newsletter lol (Jill Warren) SEO Book is a good choice (Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz). SEOmoz might also be good (Vanessa from Search Engine Land) . . . Completely complimentary lol Q: Is Google’s SEO report card helpful? A: That puts too much emphasis on technical elements. You seem to be saying that SEO is not a strategic marketing method (Rand Fishkin).

He’s still a person who doesn’t mind saying radical things

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All of today’s panelists have been in the SEO industry for many years and all know each other. Everyone is disseminating good content. If you’re looking to learn about Ivory Coast Whatsapp Number List SEO, I think any information is useful, but what I don’t recommend is trying to learn about SEO from bulletin boards and forums. Too much confusing information (Bruce Clay). You should read the SEO guides and blogs provided by each search engine (Aaron Wall of SEO Book). Q: Is it more effective to provide a variety of information on a large site or to separate sites for each type of information? A: Case by case. Small sites with specialized themes often rank higher than large sites that are not authority sites. Some industries have a plethora of microsites, but brand control may be difficult.

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