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The smartphone category grew slower than others and showe the most modest increase. On the eve of the holidays in monetary terms. Gadgets that have a wide color palette and original design are in increase demand said. David Borzilov director of Mega Fons department for strategy and sales development. Only registere users can participate in the survey. Come in please.Code review is when your comments on the Internet are actually read. A discussion with C developers Simple min YADRO company blog Web development C Conferences IT companies Interview Once upon a time developers from large companies come to Habr C and they are aske they use the final specifier.

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We aske these and other tricky questions to engineers from YADRO VK Kaspersky Syntacore and PVSStudio. As a result we discusse tools for working with thirdparty dependencies interfaces of plus libraries and the refusal or not of exceptions. We will continue Iceland WhatsApp Number List the discussion at the C meetup which will be held online on March . Register connect to the broadcast and write questions and comments in the chat the hosts will voice some of them. Who answers questions Ilya Kazakov Developer in the data storage systems team at YADRO Konstantin Vladimirov Head of Compilers and Development Tools at Syntacore Alexander Enaldiev.

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Technical lead in content filtering in Kaspersky Stanislav Yurchenko Developer at VK AdTech Evgeniy Fyoklin Code analyzer core developer at PVSStudio Continue the phrase Code review is when. Ilya Kazakov When your comments on the Internet are Croatia Phone Number List actually read. Konstantin Vladimirov When a group of developers looks at the commit of their colleague and gives him useful and constructive feeback. Alexander Enaldiev When the scars from battles heal and the code objectively becomes better. Stanislav Yurchenko When the code as oppose to the mood becomes better. Evgeniy Fyoklin When you persuade someone to look at the code you wrote.

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