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There are various patterns that can be used before actual purchase. Froogle → Adwords Direct visit → Comparison site Email → Email → Search etc. A variety of things can be learned by analyzing the transitions of purchasing paths. For example, we have the following data: — Path Pattern 22 Starts with Search 5 Ends with Search 11 Path Steps 66 Search in Path 26 — Path pattern 10 Search that ends with a brand search 7 Search that ends with a non-brand search 3 — There are many patterns that end with search, especially brand search.

We must be careful about this point. Another data

Number of purchases 31Results in brand search 17Results in non-brand search 13 — Most people end up purchasing through search. In some cases, banner ads were viewed canada cell phone directory along the way. However, there are many cases where the final action is not clicked. Another data: — Path 22Starts with Search 5Ends with Search 8Steps in Path 47Search in Path 14Starts with Affiliate 0Ends with Affiliate 9 — The numbers may not have been measured due to affiliate tracking. — Methods for measuring effectiveness of this kind are currently evolving. Last click ↓ Evaluate all clicks equally ↓ Exclude specific clicks (e.g. before 30 days) ↓ Rule-based (last click 50%, others equally, etc.) ↓ More advanced algorithms The more this analysis can be done, the more accurately the cost-effectiveness of advertising can be measured.

Finally, why does search get all the credit

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summarized again. 1) Last click vs purchase path 2) Technical challenges 3) Why does brand search get all the ratings? 4) Why don’t affiliates get all the ratings? 5) We need evolution, not Germany Whatsapp Number List revolution. — . . . That was it. I think most companies in Japan as well as overseas are still measuring effectiveness based on the last click, but there is no doubt that this is an area that will become important in the future. In particular, I think it will become an essential element in measuring the influence of social media. — Next up is Marcelo Santiago of iProspect. He is the representative of iProspect’s Brazilian branch.


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