Which article do you think the panda will reward

Not only will your readers appreciate it, but your page will become more popular in the process. And remember, it’s a time-consuming process. Question 11: Are your articles short, thin, and useless? Do you think Panda would penalize the site above or the site below on the topic of ACL injuries…?  The site below is short, flimsy, and useless. This page probably doesn’t have a good reputation, but the site above seems to have a good reputation. In fact, the site above appears in the top three results on Google. . You want to create blog posts that are long, powerful, and useful. If that means posting just a few times a week, like I do here at Quick Sprout, so be it.

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Did you spend on details? Your answer should be “a lot.” As in the two examples above, adding details is important to creating a well-received page. Google’s Panda update uk phone number search by number is intended to encourage the creation of long, detailed, and useful articles, and discourage the creation of short, shallow articles. How long should your posts be? There’s no magic number for blog post length , but it’s important to have at least 300 words on the page. However, there is no need to worry too much about writing long articles. It’s not the length that matters, it’s the fun . Question 13: Is it possible that someone who saw the article would complain? This may seem like an odd question, but it brings me back to the site example below for ACL injuries. If you were looking for information on a topic and landed on that page, would you be satisfied or dissatisfied? You’ll probably be dissatisfied and go somewhere else.

The content on your page is like someone ordering

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A meal at a restaurant. If you bring them a plate with insufficient amounts of meat and potatoes, it’s natural for them to complain. But if you bring them a plate full of India Phone Number List food, they’ll be satisfied. Think about your blog posts in the same way. Are you giving people enough content to keep them full when they leave your site? …Or are they still hungry and wanting more ? If readers are still hungry, they won’t be coming back. lastly Writing quality content for our readers and Panda Updates takes time. But it’s worth it because your blog’s community will start to grow and your organic traffic will increase . What other questions do you have when it comes to cr

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