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Passwords in the cloud database may be forgotten. Even password managers that create correct passwords and hash them securely sometimes get. Hacke leaving users information compromise. But in most cases it is not yet possible to refuse passwords. Replacement cannot be left Perhaps the most important reason for continuing to use. The familiar loginpassword pair … Read more

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Unlike a traditional password the possession factor is almost impossible to brute force. In a couple of attempts usually the number is configure in the MFA service a hacker must guess a digit number that is the chances of success are a fraction of a percent. In case of several errors when entering a onetime … Read more

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Precision and recall curves for Random Forest and Random Branch Precision and recall curves for Random Forest and Random Branch Recall increase again with accuracy. Random Branch works with regular features not just stacking because we often have a relationship the higher or lower the value of a feature the higher the probability of a … Read more

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