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If you can give people what they need, you can get what you want. For example, this site is “trying” to rank high for the phrase word-of-mouth marketing . If I want to find a good link source, I can look at the Flipper is a place top ranking sites for that phrase and see where they are linking from. For example, the second place site for me right now is the Wilson Web page.

The search method I use on Yahoo is simply typing

Lnk: pageurl -site: domain.com ” (without the quotes). Of course, if you use it, change the site in bold to the site that ranks high for your key phrase. Check out your competitors and see if there are any free link indo number sources that you could use on your site. If those links are helping your site rank higher, they’ll probably help yours too. Leave a comment on the blog Most blog comments are nofollow links (which means search engines are not supposed to give them any weight, although Yahoo and Bing still seem to do so). There are no direct benefits.  Would like to use blog comments as an indirect method of gaining links to my site.

For example, if I suddenly contacted a famous blogger and asked

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Them to link to my latest article, it probably wouldn’t go well. However, if I interact with them in their community and leave comments before then, it will be easier for them to respond to my Denmark Telegram Number List request. (As long as your resources are relevant and great…) Blog comments also bring more visitors to your site, which goes back to the core of search engines following people.

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