People knew they shouldn’t do it

about by excessive competition in SEO Last updated We update articles useful for SEO and inform you about seminars via email newsletter. please register. Register for email newsletter >> In recent SEO, excessive link People knew they building methods are being significantly restricted due to the evolution of Google’s algorithm. This is an article that calmly analyzes the ranking battles that have taken place in the past, which sometimes looked like a battle for link building because.

No choice but to do it

SEO Japan A few years ago, I worked with a client whose revenue fluctuated wildly depending on the season – or rather, the client’s industry had a strong seasonal rush that required aggressive link british phone number building techniques. existed. There was an overabundance of a certain type of SEO in the same space – what I now call Competitive Backlink Crossover: CBC. Every site in the space was spending over $10,000 on link purchases in a short period of time – I think it was somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. A phenomenon is occurring in which all sites in the same field actively buy links purchased by competitors without any barrier to acquiring links other than cost, increasing their authority without providing any value .

All sites in the field built the majority of their

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Links by borrowing. As a result, This is the only time I’ve ever worked with a client who was in Bahamas Phone Number List this situation , but in a similar environment – one type of SEO, a “competitor analysis” expert, had extremely inflated authority. There are probably many other sites that face this changing environment.

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