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It seems like Google made the right decision this time. other companies’ services is Circle, a feature that The most notable feature represents Google+. Circles have great meaning because they reflect real life. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide an effective way to organize your streams. Therefore, as a result of joining Google+, I spent significantly less time on Facebook. It makes sense… Circles are a great feature because they make sense. You may be interacting with friends from work, friends from school, friends from your youth soccer days, friends from church, friends from your previous company, golf friends, etc. Circles on Google+ allow you to organize your friends according to your life. You can create as many circles as you like, and decide which streams (circles) you want to see when you access Google+.

It makes a lot of sense So let’s get back to business

Google+ has a useful feature called Spark that allows you to select external content that you want to see based on a topic of your choosing . I create categories for my content and Google+ finds them british mobile phone number for me. This is one of the basic benefits of SEO. Let your content be discovered and enjoyed within Google+. Just follow essential SEO best practices and your content will be indexed and displayed. As Google+ continues to grow, I would like you to seriously consider expanding the reach it brings to your content strategy. The marketing potential of SEO is already clear As I mentioned earlier, you can use the Spark feature to find content. If you have a +1 button on your content, other users can add it, and Google records this behavior.

Google already uses  as a ranking signal

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Impact on SEO marketing will only grow stronger as Google+ evolves. Google also did not extend its contract with Twitter for real-time search results. The company has also vowed to incorporate content Kenya Phone Number List from Google+ into its real-time search results . So when you get the latest information, share it on Google+ and it will appear in Google’s real-time search results.  speculation as to when that time will be. But think about what types of business features Google will throw at it.

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