Traffic via Twitter and Facebook is increasing year

He’s the ideal corporate Twitter marketer. — Next up is Adam Shirk of Define Search Strategies. It is a subsidiary of the New York Times. He seems to be supporting the use of social marketing for media sites such as the New York Times. Traffic ratio to media sites such as the New York Times ・. ・Digg’s ratio is lower than before. Twitter 0.1% -> 0.5% -> 0.7% Facebook 0.2% -> 0.7% -> 1.0% Digg 0.6% -> 1.3% -> 0.5% (2008→2009→2010. Using Twitter as a media site ・First, open an account with your brand name. ・Basically provides the latest news ・New York Times and CNN have over 2 million followers ・If it is a magazine, open a sub account in addition to the main account.

For example the main account of fashion magazine

InStyle has 1.5 million followers, and another sub-account has 380,000 followers. ・The account (ColonelTribune) that set the Chicago Tribune magazine’s personality has 880,000 followers, and canadian phone lookup it is still new for a brand to set a personality and promote it ・One method is for specific writers and staff to open individual accounts, and Entertainment Weekly magazine has popular writers who share personal stories and gain 1 million followers. ・The New York Times provides information by creating lists for each topic (Olympics, tsunamis, earthquakes, Haiti, book reviews, Broadway show information, etc.). The retweet button is important and it is easier

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To use if the shortened URL and headline are automatically displayed at the same time when you click it (Silicon Alley Insider is helpful) ・Measurement of effectiveness is Poland Whatsapp Number List important; what kind of content is clicked and at what time? Search and Twitter, SEO ・Keywords included in tweets are important ・Be aware of keywords that are popular and the number of searches is rapidly increasing.

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