You can also set the map that appears in search

So, Brian’s presentation. — What should be displayed when searching for “SMX” on Google? In the UK there is a motorcycle club called SMX. Santa Maria, California has an airport called SMX. There is also a Honda minivan called S-MX. SMX is also a movie screen technology. The results that each person is looking for are different. The intent of many search keywords is unclear from the keyword alone. Personalization exists in search results ・Geography ・Hobbies ・Patterns ・Social etc. to improve the differences. Personalization is ・Transparent・Works unconsciously ・Can be controlled That’s ideal. For example, Google has country-level personalization. For example, when searching for “tax” in the United States and the United Kingdom, the results provided should be different even though they are both English-speaking countries. In terms of geography, it can also be adjusted at the city level.

When searching for “bus schedule

The schedule for each city will be displayed first. However, if we focus too much on the region, we will not be able to meet general search needs, so we will also include results from major canada number phone bus companies. You can also personalize your search with details. For example, what should be displayed when someone searches for “hardware store”? Google also gives you the option of optimizing your results based on your search history. Google Maps allows you to specify a default region.  results. Regions are determined by IP. A recently released search tool option allows you to narrow down your search by region in English-speaking countries (not yet in Japanese). If a user is logged in and searching, the company also offers personalized search, which records the user’s web search history and displays the most relevant search results based on that history.

Of course, you can also delete or interrupt your search

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History. Also, as Sullivan mentioned, they now offer some degree of personalized search without having to log in. Search history is recorded using cookies and is based on data Uruguay Whatsapp Number List from the past 180 days. You can also disable or enable this feature at any time using the Web History link at the top right of the search page. . . . It’s enabled by default. Most people will use it as is. . . This is certainly a big change. — . . . First of all, I explained the pattern of personalized search all at once. There is nothing particularly new, but what kind of development will it have in the future? — Next, I would like to explain the personalization of social search.

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