You can freely create sites for each subdomain

From a user’s perspective, Microsoft’s survey data shows that users use URLs as criteria for deciding whether to click on a search result. 1. Country domain Pluses: – You can freely create unique content for each site – You can make it clear to users that you are targeting a specific language or country – You can measure effectiveness individually Minus: – If you prepare separate domains even though they speak the same country, there is a possibility of duplicate content. 2. Subdomain Plus: – , you can set up servers individually , and you can measure effectiveness individually. Minus: – Subdomain rules become complicated when you want to set a subdomain for purposes other than language or country.

Minus regional targeting is difficult

He organized it again. — Finally, Jonah Stein of ItsTheROI. Talking about pagination. Although page rank is no longer important, it can still be used as an indicator. When the same hong kong mobile no content is published on multiple pages, the page rank will be distributed. Collection. For example, a list of “List of Universities in San Francisco, California” can be hundreds of pages in total. I have conducted detailed experiments on specific sites, but the page rank does not decrease sequentially from the first page to later pages.

There are many things that cannot be explained

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Logically. Finally, some tips: ・Specify an individual TITLE for each page even if it is a page within a page ・Avoid using parameters and use static URLs ・It is better to reduce Malta Whatsapp Number List the number of links within one page so that the evaluation of each individual link will be better ・Pyramid site structure is effective ・Links that take you to the bottom page in 2-3 clicks are ideal .

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