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A pause to  I also notice that if the audience is mostly male then you nee to smile more often men relax and listen more favorably I as a girl have notice this more than once. And if the audience is mainly female then it is better to be more serious smart women appreciate this. But this is from personal observations. Maybe its different for someone else Open Source satellite interferometry PyGMTSAR Python InSAR Simple min Open source Python Cloud computing Open data Popular Science A lot of time has passe since.

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Open satellite interferometry project Py GMTSAR Python InSAR library for processing and analyzing radar data from Sentinel satellites and today PyGMTSAR is the most powerful tool among all open InSAR. Moreover PyGMTSAR is truly publicly available since it does Turkey Phone Number List not require downloading huge data installing software and so on you just nee to open links to Google Colab in the browser and view and run readymade examples or adapt them for your territory and area of interest. Examples offere by Google Colab include creating individual interferograms to analyze the results of seismic.

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Creating relief and analyzing a series of interferograms to monitor landslides and subsidence. And all these features are available in one click online on Google Colab and in Docker containers. For professionals a fully programmable environment for performing Turkey Whatsapp Number List InSAR tasks and interactive D visualization is provide available on Google Colab Docker containers GitHub Action runners and of course on local computers and cloud hosts. Interactive InSAR examples Below are PyGMTSAR examples available at httpsInSAR.dev . There you will also find links to GitHub DockerHub and the AI assistant.

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