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Is it possible to gain performance benefits by putting the date/entry ID/number in the URL? The answer is YES. However, when used in conjunction with cache etc., this advantage becomes meaningless. Therefore, I would like to recommend using the better htacess settings instead of leaving it up to WordPress. This will help improve the speed of your blog. For more information, check out this great thread on Webmaster World (note: it discusses and explains in detail how to configure htaccess in WordPress). If your site has low traffic, you don’t need to worry about increasing traffic, but if your site has a lot of traffic, the above points become important. Another drawback of WordPress is the number of pages. When I say page, I mean the actual page, not the entry. There is ample evidence that WordPress is incapable of handling large numbers of pages (say 1,000 pages).

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Is only a comfort. Instead, it’s better to configure WordPress to ignore directories and insert entries into straight URLs ( SEOBullsh*t touched on this the other day ). Given these inconveniences, some people saudi mobile number check may want to avoid using WordPress as a CMS for their projects after giving serious consideration to SEO. Many people who decide to use WordPress as their CMS are making compromises in return. Let’s be honest. Setting up a WordPress blog is easy. In fact, some hosting companies even provide pre-installed WordPress with your hosting order. WordPress is also very easy to manage. Running a blog on Drupal or Jhumra requires a high level of skill and management at a deeper level. I’m a lazy engineer. Look for projects that require low maintenance . I’m able to do two raids a week and maintain a double-digit site.

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This many sites in the same amount of time. of writers. If you run a blog where multiple writers post articles, you can add or change writers without learning anything by using a service like WordPress. Most Ghana Telegram Number List of them have used WordPress before. If you’re using another platform, you may need a learning curve or editorial staff. Another benefit is that you can access a large amount of existing customization documentation. Are there any tutorials or guides available for Jhumra or Drupal? of course. Does WordPress have a richer set of documents? Of course. Once you choose a platform, we want you to stick with that platform. By doing so, you will be able to use your knowledge and standards effectively. I ‘ve posted many tutorials on WordPress and Thesis (WordPress themes).


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