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It is a mine of industry knowlge, every day millions. Of users publish interesting content in the form of their own articles, comments to industry. Texts or presentations and ebooks on Slide Share Building a network of contacts that can translate into finding. A better job or developing business contacts Networking, networking and more Managers networking Building a personal brand Building the image of the company we represent LinkIn target group? Until recently. There was a belief on the market that LinkIn is the place where we look for a job. Anyway, as I describ above. This was the case for most of the time of the portal’s development. And LN himself built his first financial success on this.

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No wonder that a large group of users are people looking for work and professional challenges. Over time and the development of new tools on the portal, there are more and phone number list more users and industries they. Development or promotion of their own businessrepresent.  The power of LinkIn a list of portal users [ ] Figure LinkIn list Managers and managers Professionals Independent. of portal users, September Who are the users of the portal.

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Representatives of the board, CEO, Clevel Managers and managers Professionals Independent. Experts Influencers SME market Owners of oneperson business activities is us for recruitment, we can meet. Representatives of various groups, companies or industries on it, and better and better search tools on the portal makeit easier for us. To find the right recipient. Will I meet the president of a large list company on LinkIn YES. Or maybe a Spanish teacher? The DY Leads answer is YES. Every day, new users log in to the portal, who see an opportunity for networking, their.

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