Get ahead of the latest AI updates in Digital Marketing

Google announced a  AI integration tools , including Google Ads. Therefore, Performance Max, Product Studio and Search Generative Experience (SGE) in Search Labs. Google Ads: Conversational Experiences & Auto-Generated Content. Google is introducing a new conversational experience with natural language right in Google Ads. Therefore, This is a complex task manager designed to help users. Launch campaigns and simplify Search. Advertising by combining existing expertise with Google AI. Just add a landing page Preferred landing page. Therefore, Google AI will analyze and condense the content of that page. Therefore, Then, AI will suggest appropriate and effective keywords. Titles, descriptions, images for your campaign. 

Get ahead Series of new Generative

Many new features will be updated by Meta.  Manual advertising campaigns into Advantage+ shopping campaigns Asia Mobile Number List with just one click. Therefore, The feature, available in Ads Manager. is expected to launch on the. Get ahead platform within a month. Advertisers can enrich their catalog ads with video content. Moving away from the previous restriction on static images. Therefore, This feature is being tested and is expected to launch later this year. The Performance Comparison report allows advertisers to. Measure and compare the performance of their manual shopping and. Advantage+ shopping campaigns. This feature is in progress. 

Businesses can convert existing

Meta launches new AI tool to support advertising content creation DY Leads Joining the technology race. Meta has announced several AI-integrated tools aimed at enhancing business. Therefore, Performance and streamlining advertising processes. Sandbox Meta said it has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Sandbox. Allowing brands to test applying artificial intelligence in creating. Therefore, Advertising campaign content on Facebook and Instagram. This tool can help automate some editing steps on images. Including changing the advertising background containing product images. Creating personalized text according to the brand’s message. 

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